Micro Weddings

What makes Secret Garden perfect for the micro wedding is its size, it is not too big or small and is tucked away in a beautiful private courtyard garden in Ouray. “ I felt like I was in a Hallmark movie” is a quote from one of our reviewers on Trip Advisor.

Micro weddings are more intimate. Couples can “let their hair down” and have more fun than at a larger traditional wedding. Make your special day your own and be unique to who you are as a couple.

The biggest difference between a micro wedding and a traditional wedding is the number of guests. Micro weddings usually have 20 to 30 guests which can help eliminate a lot of wedding drama and stress because you’re able to invite the people you truly care about and those who come for the right reasons. Large traditional weddings can be intimidating for the bride and groom who want to see everyone, hug them, dance with them, thank them, take photos with them due to limited time.

Our micro weddings tend to be more relaxed and the overall experience is more intimate between the couple and the people who are special to them. One thing that we know for sure is by limiting the size of the wedding will save a bunch of money that you can use on your honeymoon or whatever you chose. 

Our basic micro wedding package offers a 2-night buyout of the historic B&B which has 5 bedrooms and can sleep up to 11 guests plus a free breakfast. We offer free parking and 24-hour access to our beautiful gated garden. Secret Garden is the only B&B that offers a large beautiful gated garden that can be used as a wedding venue. Our bed and breakfast is legendary, but couples do not come to Ouray to stay in their rooms. Our venue is outside. Enjoy beautiful mountain views with the fragrant smell of roses and peonies. From a previous guest, “ we were able to have the entire wedding event and never have to leave the premises” 

All of our packages can be customized to meet your needs. This is your dream wedding. We want to help see your dream come true. For pricing and to reserve your date call Charlotte at 970-325-4226.

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